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     I’m Chasity Grice, and a Probate and Estate planning attorney born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.  Growing up, I can always recall Memphis being on the top list of everything bad.  Worst crime, Highest poverty rates, you name it.  As an adult, I have found that these are the main reasons why I love and want to give back to this city I love so much!

     What I have seen more than I’d like to admit, though, is the rate that minorities lose their properties, to tax sales or otherwise.  Here’s what I see  more than anything:  Mom owns her home.  She lives there for 70 years and has paid off her mortgage.   She passes away with no will and 5 children.  The children decide that one relative will live there.  That relative lives there for 20 more years, then dies with 3 children.  Her children now share in the ownership of this home with their living aunts and uncles.  Now we have 7 owners for one house.  What happens next is what is so typical:  Nobody agrees about what to do with the house so nothing happens for 10 more years.  Meanwhile, the house is still in Mom’s name.   

     So WHYYYY am I telling this story?  Well, because THIS is THE thing that catches families up and causes real estate to be abandoned and lost to tax sales, blight, etc.!    Why lose property that our parents/grandparents spent their lives paying for when there is a real solution?! My “Protect Our Ish” Estate planning Seminars help you to get your affairs in order and not have to wonder if your family will be ok without you ever again!

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